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836 E Main Street

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Top of the line Compost Tea Brewers, Vermicomposting Bins (worm bins) and Soil Amendments.

Compost Tea Brewers come in 4 sizes:
22 gallon
110 gallon
240 gallon
500 gallon

Worm Bins come in many differents sizes
3x3 round and heated (only model that is round and heated) Worm Wigwam
5x6 Institutional Unit
Worm bins start 5x8ft. can be built in 8ft. sections up to 5x96ft.

Soil Amendments like Kelp, Micronized Fish, Worm Castings, Mycorrhizae, lots more available.
Please call for more information

Each piece of our machinery is designed with the user in mind and has gone through extensive testing, both in the field and in the lab. We use quality parts that are manufactured in the USA and build our machines to perform season after season with minimal maintenance.

For more information:
composttea dot com
wormwigwam dot com
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